Frequently Asked Questions

The eVox Brain Map is not painful and is non-invasive, which means that nothing is entering your body or piercing your skin. You will wear a standard EEG cap (similar to a swim cap) that will measure your brainwaves.

Mapping your brain takes only 20 minutes of data collection, but plan for your total visit to take around 45 minutes.

The eVox report will tell your doctor how well your brain functions while performing tasks, paying attention, and processing information. Your report will also show measurements of your body’s resilience. The report may identify areas of your brain that are not functioning optimally. Your doctor may recommend some changes in nutrition, medications, or biofeedback therapy to optimize your brain function.

In many cases, the eVox Brain Map assessment is covered by insurance. In some cases, having your doctor verify benefits will help confirm your coverage.

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