Evoke Neuroscience announces award of VA contract for the eVox® System

Evoke Neuroscience, Inc. is pleased to announce the award of a Veterans Health Administration Contract for the eVox® System. The Contract award #36F79718D0348 enables the VA and other federal organizations to purchase the eVox System at pre-approved pricing via the Veterans Administration’s FSS Contract, via GSA Advantage, or GSA eBUY.

The eVox System measures brain health to aid doctors in the diagnosis of cognitive disorders. By measuring brain function directly, physicians can enhance their clinical work-up beyond standard subjective patient questionnaires. eVox provides clinically actionable and objective biomarkers of brain health pertinent to conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, mild cognitive impairment, and other cognitive disorders.

Evoke has a long history in supporting military personnel and veterans with their cognitive health needs.  The company was borne out of work done to treat PTSD and TBI at the Marine Corps Base in Camp Lejeune nearly 10 years ago. “With this FSS contract, we can now deliver our technology to more of those who have served,” explained Evoke Neuroscience CEO David Hagedorn, Ph.D. “We strive to improve the diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders for patients throughout the country – and veterans are among those who need us most. We are exceptionally proud to offer our eVox System to the Veterans Administration Health System and the U.S. Military Health System.”

About Evoke Neuroscience, Inc.

Evoke Neuroscience (www.evokeneuroscience.com) was formed in 2009 with the mission to improve diagnosis and treatment of cognitive disorders with objective, clinically meaningful and easy-to-use products. Physicians use the eVox® System to assess brain health and aid in the diagnosis of memory loss and other cognitive disorders.